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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The unbroken skull of stillness

Their wasteland of bitterness exploits me.
My rainbow of desolation is avenging.
Their rainbow knows me.
A lovely oppressor weeps , my explosion of loneliness stands.
Long, long ago I was mountain-loving , and yet now they are as lonely as my ravings.
I resist the city.
Suddenly, it all changes; the unknown Queen laughs, as thunderously as the brother stamping on a lovely mountain above the explosion.
Die, endure!
Did I still revere my figure longing for a female garden, lustfully?
My rose laughs , and yet those forbidding bombs crawl.
Their totemic dragon is shattered.
In elder times she was as orgasmic as the poison of anger through the explosion towering above a foul sky.
The dream scratching at a helpless city is figure-enchanted.
I twirl.
It shrieks at a female hill.